CIVIC is an award-winning digital solutions provider with almost two decades of industry leading experience. We help businesses succeed through effective, usable technology by combining our expertise in user experience design, development, and hosting to provide digital solutions that work. Our reputation is built on customer service, innovation, value for money and market-leading expertise. We continue to work on high profile, creative, technically complex projects, and help our clients improve the services delivered to their users.



Valencia INNO HUB is a Spanish non-profit organization born with the objective of putting together talent and technology and foster employability and entrepreneurship among Valencian community. By mentoring and training INNO HUB supports entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and also individuals from disadvantage groups facing different factors of exclusion: youngsters and adults with educational difficulties, unemployed or migrants.
With this intention, INNOHUB develops many activities to help companies/individuals to reach their objectives:

  • By offering workshops, training, seminars, and networking related to several topics of interest, especially on management, business development, soft skills, entrepreneurship, business models, innovation, internationalization and financing;
  • By promoting technologic and innovation cooperation;
  • By supporting disadvantage groups and wannabe entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, boosting entrepreneurial skills;
  • By facilitating access to R+D+I Finance;
  • By providing assistance related carrier guidance;



The objective of E-Juniors is to offer younger citizens – particularly those who are e-excluded – opportunities to improve their digital skills, by proposing activities in addition to formal academic studies.
E-Juniors proposes activities aiming to encourage younger people to:

  • Spend free time in a productive and useful way,
  • Explore new applicable areas of interest
  • Inspire creativity and enhance vocational skills
  • Acquire hard and soft skills facilitating the inclusion in the labour world.

E-Juniors is involved in several European actions proposing new training curriculum for the youth based on the use of innovative ICT tools. In particular, the association organized training for younger people to become youth educators by proposing digital tools and innovative methods, such as online learning and blended learning. E-Juniors relies on a team of experienced ICT teachers who provide cutting-edge eductaion about the latest ICT resources.



RightChallenge is a non-profit association that aims to promote education and training as a driver of social inclusion and equal opportunities. We believe that education should focus on the integral development of all people – regardless of their social status, gender, age of cultural origin – in order to prepare them to intervene and participate in all dimensions of society.
Several studies reveal the psychological risks that Portuguese youngsters face nowadays contribute to low engagement rates. The main causes of youngster’s stress in Portugal are the lack of support, opportunities of progression in a career and insecurity at work. To face the Portuguese socioeconomic and educational gaps at a national level, RightChallenge offers a variety of services:

  • Organizational training, curriculum design and training of human resources in the areas of non-formal education, community intervention, socio-educational area and volunteering;
  • Consulting in the area of social entrepreneurship and business development;
  • Training in the areas of human rights, volunteer management, environmental education and social justice and gender equality;
  • Organisation of workshops and debates in the area of human rights and social justice.



Asserted Knowledge (AKNOW) is a technical consulting and staff sourcing company providing highly skilled ICT services and staff to organisations. An important service provision which differentiates AKNOW from other consultancies is our approach to business analysis reports which is based on the utilisation of the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN).
AKNOW’s staff have many years of commercial experience supporting large, multinational ICT integrators and a profound experience in coordinating several publicly funded projects from Framework Programme 6, 7 and the Life Long Programme. AKNOW’s current activities are focused on training through innovative methodologies for e-learning, personalised training approaches, provision of targeted sustainability training to SMEs, and dissemination and quality assurance methodologies and tools focused on targeted quality metrics and best practices/lessons learned programmes.



We are a distinct and fearless university – an institution that thinks big, celebrates expertise, and ensures equality in its opportunities. With a record of growth and evolution unmatched in UK higher education, NTU is characterised by our balance between celebrating tradition and challenging convention. We are established, but modern – bold, yet humble.

We’ve forged an award-winning reputation through one simple belief: that each person’s learning journey demands bespoke, personalised support. It’s a philosophy we invest in every one of our students and colleagues: a philosophy that calls for the conviction to inspire, the consistency to guide, and the humility to listen. These are the standards and values we live by.

We’re deeply proud of the environment we’ve established at NTU. Equally, we embrace our influence and potential beyond the classroom. We thrive upon our role in the larger global picture – our obligation to enriching communities by sharing knowledge and creating opportunities. That’s why NTU’s education and environment opens not just doors, but minds.


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